The Charity Wishlist
Helping Hands

  • Charity Stones Charity: The generous actions or donations to aid the poor, ill, or helpless.
  • Painted Hands Together we can make a difference, and change the world.
  • Hands n Bowl From here in the US to around the world, together we can make sure the bowl is never empty.
  • Food Donation The Charity Wishlist supports the local food banks across the country.

Welcome to the Charity Wishlist! The Charity Wishlist is an organization that helps nonprofits and charities sustain their ongoing donation, and fundraising, needs through low cost online systems. Our concept is unique. We want to help charities by providing them with a way to accept donations of either money or goods online. We realize many charities operate on a shoestring budget. Our system doesn't cost thousands of dollars and we guarantee that a minimum of 92% of donated funds will go to the charity, unlike other systems out there.

We understand the difficulties you, as charities, face in trying to get the word out about the goods and funds that are necessary for your organizations to deliver critical services to those in need. Our services help you expand your fundraising and donation activities to a much wider segment of the public by offering online options for people to make donations. And today's socially conscious generation likes the ease of technology to help make a difference.

Our services include: an online Donation System which may be a good option for charities that don't even have a website; our Wishlist Catalog which allows charities to post the goods they need most at the moment, and update that list regularly to reflect changing needs; and our Disaster Relief fund which allows members of the public to donate money so that when natural disasters strike, we can work with local emergency services and charitable organizations to purchase critically needed items and have them drop shipped to the area affected. So please explore our site and contact us today to find out how we can help you help others. Together we can bring the world together, one charity at a time.